Call for articles - A booklet in Memory of Mr. Francis Kong

<extracted from 2 emails from Lau Wai Hung (Class of 75)>
The Francis Kong Educational Fund, in association with the Past Students' Associaiton,
is preparing a memorial publication for Mr. Kong.

We are now in the final stage of material collection. The deadline of submission of
material is at the end of September.

I know that you have set up a bulletin board some time around December 2005.
Do you have anything that can be included in our publication. Or would you like
to share with us your stories of our beloved teacher?

A website has been set up by Mr. David Wu (class of 1969) -- http://kong.iohk.com/forum/
We have a collection of some early photos of Mr. Kong. You may find the graduation photo
of Mr. Kong. See if you can identify Martin Lee in the photo.

If you would like to register for the forum, please state your year of graduation.

Keep in touch,


Lau Wai Hung (class of 75)